Dr. Kay is a NOAA-UHMS trained Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine Physician, DMAC level 2.

He can issue DCBC and CSA medical certificates for commercial divers.

Medicals follow the Ontario Code for the Medical Examination of Divers, and take about an hour.

They are done at:
HALTON HYPERBARICS, Unit 100, 3075 Hospital Gate, Oakville, Ontario L6M1M1
Tel: 437-291-8555         Toll free: 1-855-930-HBOT       Fax:289-351-3036
Email: contact@Gericke-Nesbitt.com

After having contacted us for an appointment, you will receive a CSA history form, by email, which you should print out, fill in and bring with you.

The following requisitions will also be sent with the email:
1) Bloodwork, Urinalysis and ECG
2) Hearing Test

You can print these out, fill in the date and your name, and take the first requisition to any Lifelabs and the second to any Audiologist or Hearing Test Centre, prior to your appointment with Dr. Kay.  Results of these tests should be available for your medical if possible. Please make sure that the Hearing Centre gives you a paper copy of your test to bring with you.

You will be booked for a Pulmonary Function Test either just before or after your medical. This takes place in the Hospital, which is adjacent to our building, on the ground floor, in CardioRespiratory Diagnostics.

You will also require a Chest Xray, which is done upstairs in the same building as our clinic. You will have this done after you arrive for your appointment.

 If you are over 40, you will also require a treadmill stress test. Please let us know so we can book this for you.

 The cost for all these tests is approximately $400, which you are required to cover, as employment-related testing is not covered by OHIP.

 The cost of the medical is $400, payable to Dr. Kay by e-transfer. Employment-related medicals are not covered by OHIP and are subject to HST.

 You will then receive your Diver Certification Board of Canada Medical and CSA Medical Certificates, valid for 2 years, or 1 year if you are over 40 years of age.

 Please email Dr. Kay if you have any questions: drjokay@gmail.com