Dr. Kay has been a Transport Canada Marine Medical Examiner since 2017.

Marine Medicals are done at:
HALTON HYPERBARICS, Unit 100, 3075 Hospital Gate, Oakville, Ontario L6M1M1
Tel: 437-291-8555        Toll free: 1-855-930-HBOT       Fax:289-351-3036
Email: contact@Gericke-Nesbitt.com

The medical takes about 45 minutes, and if you are fit, you will receive a provisional certificate, good for 6 months, before you leave. Prior to the expiration of this certificate, Transport Canada will send you your actual medical certificate, good for 2 years. They are quite backed up, and it may take up to 6 months for you to receive it. 

You will require a CDN # (Candidate Document Number) from Transport Canada, to obtain your medical. If you do not have one yet, you can contact Transport Canada to get one. Please bring a government issued ID card or passport to your appointment as well for ID check.

The examination consists of taking your medical history, doing a physical examination and testing your urine. Please ensure that you are hydrated prior to your medical and can give us a sample here.

If this is a certificate renewal, please bring your previous one with you.

If you have any significant medical issues, we may require information from your treating physician prior to giving you your certificate.

The cost for the Marine Medical is $250 payable to Dr. Kay by e-transfer. Employment-related medicals are not covered by OHIP and are subject to HST.

Please email Dr. Kay if you have any questions: drjokay@gmail.com